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BOOK: Does it make sense?


Every year the Fortune and other leading media publish the Best Companies to Work for. From the media we learn about these companies’ exceptional benefits and innovative practices that illustrate their unique cultures. The focus is on what is evident to see – benefits and practices – and the remaining profile of these companies tends to be rather general statements about “soft” issues like values and personal skills that you will find on any website – great workplace or not. We are not getting behind the PR screen to see HOW these unique cultures have been created. What were the key strategies that helped to develop these cultures? Who made it happen? Why did it all make sense for these companies? And how do they ensure the impact on the bottom line?

This book is looking at the how and goes much deeper than the benefits and practices in order to understand what has driven the development of seven recognized great workplaces and how the workplace has impacted their business. The analysis will bring out learning points for leadership, branding and the business of great workplaces. And it will give actionable advice for what you can do to create your own great workplace and great business.

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In-depth case stories and the winning strategies from:

  • Admiral Group (UK)
  • Irma (DK)
  • Schoenen Torfs (BE)
  • SMA Solar Technology (DE)
  • Telefónica Latin America (LA)
  • Worthington Cylinders (AU)