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Athletes at work
Palle Ellemann in The Work Style Magazine Nr. 12 2013.


Depending on the sport, an athlete's career can be relatively short. Football players typically retire from the field at the age of 35, while a female gymnast's career may be over by her early twenties.

Time is Running
Palle Ellemann in The Work Style Magazine Nr. 11 2013.


Do you work 8 to 4 or 9 to 5? Or do you have flexible hours and come in between 8 and 9 and leave the office about 8 hours later? Time is still the main reference point in most workplaces even though many companies claim they are results focused. You put in your 8+ hours every day, where there will be a few formal one hour meetings. By the way, why do 90 per cent of all meetings take 60 minutes?

Risk is Driving Performance
Palle Ellemann in The Work Style Magazine Nr. 10 2012.


Risk is an essential part of doing business. If you are not taking risks, you probably don’t have a very good business. Pushing limits and driving people and a company into the unknown is what is creating competitive advantages. Apple has been taking a lot of risks by creating products that have changed entire industries or created new ones. Steve Jobs didn’t waste time on consumer focus groups, because he was creating products for needs people didn’t even know they had!